What does FQHC mean? 

FQHC stands for Federally Qualified Health Center. Borrego Community Health Foundation has been a FQHC for over 25 years and is state funded. 

Why is this program a great alternative to Denti-Cal? 

It is a great alternative because unlike Denti-Cal, the emphasis is on preventative care. As well as some higher reimbursement rates per visit and no pre-authorizations to perform necessary dental care, this system incentivizes dentists to prevent dental problems. 

Does this program cover children and adults? 

Yes, Borrego has enrolled many pediatric dentists and all age dentists in the program. The benefit is once again long term preventative care and additional coverage such as Crown and Root Canal for adults. 

How many dentists are currently working with Borrego Health Foundation? 

Over 125 dentists are currently billing Medi-Cal eligible patients through Borrego and over 18,000 claims a month. This includes about 90 offices in our covered areas. 

How often do you get a reimbursement check for dental procedures? 

At the moment, checks are coming in the mail every Monday from claims that are submitted 3-4 weeks ago. 

What does Premier Health Care Management do for Borrego? 

PHCM helps administer the dental program by checking the claims within 24 hours of submission and also markets the program to other dentists looking for a Denti-Cal alternative or expanding their practice to new Medi-Cal patients. 

Why doesn't Borrego Health Foundation have their own dentists on staff? 

Borrego quickly realized that in order to expand their reach to many patients in underserved areas they must partner with private practices.

The Health Clinic does not employ dentists in the covered areas and since dental work is extremely technical and particular to the mouth they decided that this will benefit more patients. Not to mention the necessary equipment needed to perform procedures.

Other health clinics using their own staff have up to 3-4 months wait time so that does not benefit the patient, especially when in pain.